One more party at McNasty's

Between Bugsy hanging out at the Melody Lounge and the wild 90's at the  Viper Room... there was Filthy McNasty's.  

Last Sunday January 7th,  Precious Metal, Sam Mann and the Apes and Paul Black from LA Guns and a special jam session will be performed at the Viper Room. This guest list only private event was a tribute to the infamy of McNasty.

Family, Friends, former employees and bands the played or just hung out came together to party again on the old McNasty stomping grounds. A pretty bitchin' cake was served and each and every guest was gifted with a custom Filthy McNasty tee shirt (dude had killer merch back in the day, so that was the ultimate treat).

I guess you lived life to the fullest when that many people get together to celebrate your legacy.  And McNasty's will always live on through the good times at the Viper Room.