Radolescents LIVE FEED from The World Famous Viper Room 11:30PM

Tonight at 11:30pm you can check out a LIVE FEED from the Viper Room of the Radolescents featuring Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer, original members of the super rad So Cal band that brought us the iconic BLUE ALBUM.

If you're a little confused, stay with me... I'll bring you up to speed! 
Rikk & Casey started the legendary punk rock band The Adolescents 1981, Rikk's riffs and Casey's beats were the backbone of the band.  Both songwriters on that legendary Self Titled (Blue Album) they went their separate ways after the release... allegedly it was creative differences, but who really knows?   They went on to play together again in LEGENDARY bands like Social Distortion & DI.  

I guess it was only natural that the boys would get back together for a project like Radolescents, and from the looks of the room tonight... their fans could not be happier.  

And so with that, I give you Viper Room Apparel's first live feed!!  Brought to you by shopviperroom.com.  

Click the link below around 11:30pm, which will take you to our Facebook.com page and watch the show LIVE!!